Clean the bathroom by getting rid of these


Your bathroom is not in the best condition possible and it is so obvious. Most of the time, however, you find out excuses and claim to have no fault, but just a lack of time. But in the reality the truth is a little bit different – your stores grime and bacteria and is dirty […]

How often should you clean?


This is a question we all ask ourselves, because, yes, we want to maintain our homes in a perfect condition and to keep them clear and shining, but we are not so keen on the idea of cleaning every day. With the busy schedules we have these days and our tense lifestyles, we too often […]

Gardening: the succulents


Normally you will recognize these plants because of their thickened and fleshy leaves, where they retain water and thus survive in too hot or too arid conditions. Taking care of them is really easy; they require some watering from time to time and are perfect for lazy or absent-minded gardeners. Although you believe that they […]