The absolutely wrong use of paper towels


Something is dirty at home? Well, what is the first thing you almost always grab and start cleaning with? Honestly? The paper towels, right? They seem to be the best cleaning tool ever – they are inexpensive and not only can be found in every supermarket, but are also all over your house. However, their efficiency is doubtful and while they are the ultimate solution for many cleaning situations, they seem to be able to ruin surfaces and make a whole cleaning a total nightmare. So look at this list of things you should never ever clean with paper towels again, because I am pretty sure that you have done the mistake to use them all-purposely.

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The wooden furniture and floor

The wood is pretty sensitive and some of the dirt, grime and dust that can be found on the surface of the wooden furniture or of the floor might be pretty abrasive. Using paper towels with the desire to remove all of these may end up with a wood so badly damaged that cannot be repaired at all. So you better use a normal cotton rag or a microfiber cloth with a wood care detergent – the result would be way better. And if you have a bamboo flooring at home, which can be scratched even easier, forget about cleaning it with paper towels for good.

The electric devices and their screens

Well, the problem here is similar to the previous one. The paper towels may damage the delicate screens of your phone, laptop, tablet or TV. Use a simple microfiber cloth instead.

The spills on fabrics

You spill a glass of wine or a cup of coffee on the sofa or on the carpet and you start blotting up with paper towels. This is a disaster. Thus the liquid will be even better absorbed by the fabrics, so next time use normal towel and I promise that you will be amazed by the great difference.