Slow decorating and its magical outcomes 

Slow decorating and its magical outcomes

You have just moved into your new home. And you love it. It is the house you have always dreamed of having. It is a little piece of perfection in the chaotic and dangerous world we are living in, it is a shelter in the uncertainty and a place we like to go back to. And now you are so impatient to transform this wonderful place into a pure heaven. You have so many ideas. You want little things and details and you are so annoyed by those empty spaces you are facing every day. But the truth is that decorating a place could not happen overnight. Much more time is needed. But one thing is for sure, you better not be disappointed, because the slow decorating is the more effective one.

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How to paint a room in your house in less then 2 hours. Some simple tips and tricks to make the interior painting process and little easier and faster.

How so?

When you are living in that home you love so much, you are changing your perspectives every day. Walking through rooms, staring at empty walls and using your creativity and imagination, you could have a better notion of what your house actually needs.  When you go shopping thereafter you know perfectly well if that frame you kind of like, will fit onto the fireplace and if this is the right one. When you are slow decorating you have the opportunity to choose. You go to the supermarket, but you are not forced to buy something, so you come back home and make a research online. You are ordering something and you are returning it back. You have the chance to find the thing that will become a relevant part of your home.

You don’t need belongings with no meaning and no spirit any more. Life is short, decorating, building a new home is one of the loveliest tasks on Earth, so don’t hurry.