What may ruin absolutely every cleaning?


It’s a nice wonderful weekend and instead of going to the park or to the mall, instead of spending some precious time with your family, watching a movie, playing board games, chilling, talking, you are simply cleaning. The truth is that you will put up with the fact that you are not relaxing that much, that you will work and not lay on the sofa with a nice book and a cup of coffee, and you won’t discuss everything in life with your beloved one over a bottle of wine. What you cannot put up with is indeed the fact that only a day later you will notice the whole unsuccessfulness of this cleaning and right in this moment you will hate yourself so much that you will bury your enthusiasm. However, there are some little things that surely can ruin every cleaning and if you avoid them, oh, how happy would you be then?

You are using the wrong cleaning tools or products

I won’t be surprised at all if you tell me that you are using your one all-purpose cleaning product for… almost everything. Well, do not misunderstand me, you should not overdo having a specific detergent for every single place and surface at home, but you have to find the right ones for the main cleaning problems at least – the grease, the hard water stains, the carpet and so on.

You are making too much dirt

Having a clean, perfectly organized and wonderfully looking home is to some extent all about maintaining. Making too much dirt is the main problem no cleaning can cope with.

You are procrastinating too much

Honestly, for how long have you been procrastinating before you started cleaning indeed? A week? A month? Oh, God, your house needs a clean-up, roll up your sleeves and clean!