End of tenancy cleaning: the black bathroom

Yeah, it looked nice when you came here the first time and rented this flat. And who, the hell, thinks of cleaning at this time? However, this stupid black room with black tiles and black sink is getting on your nerves ever since. You tried cleaning it calmly several times with some kind of almost satisfying result and you now have love-hate relationship. But soon you are moving out (in a flat with wonderful light bathroom, for sure) and you now have to cope with this black “devil”, hopefully not so catastrophically.

Clean the tiles

image of black bathroom tilesThis is the most annoying task that can exist in the entire world. You definitely need a really strong detergent, because some water spots admixed with shampoo or shower gel, or why not both, vanish really, really hard. So make sure that you have a nice useful cleaning product and patience for sure and start cleaning. You better spray the detergent and then wait for 10 to 15 minute, the result will be more pleasant. The good news is that by cleaning the bathroom you can use so much water that you need. So don’t spare it and wash the floor and tiled walls well.

Clean the sink

Here the same rules are valid. With the good detergent you can clean the sink and also all the spots from different cosmetic and makeup products.


As you have used too much water, the bathroom is pretty wet at the end of your cleaning, so wait until it dries up. If there’s a window, open it; if there’s a ventilator, turn it on, so as to quicken the process.


Now you are almost ready. If you strive for perfection, you better use a microfiber cloth getting rid of the dust as well.