Clean the bathroom by getting rid of these


Your bathroom is not in the best condition possible and it is so obvious. Most of the time, however, you find out excuses and claim to have no fault, but just a lack of time. But in the reality the truth is a little bit different – your stores grime and bacteria and is dirty for a couple of reasons – you don’t maintain it well as you go and the deep cleaning you perform are not often enough and you store too many things in there that gather dust and dirt and accumulated even more because of the moist air. So my first advice is to add a simple bathroom clean-up to your weekly cleaning routine and to stop underestimating it. And then when you are spending some more time on maintaining this room and keeping it for a little bit longer in a great condition, you better consider getting rid of some things as well.  

Your make-up

I believe it is there, right before the mirror, isn’t it? the majority of women keep their make-up bags in the bathroom, because the bedroom is indeed not the best place for your morning make-up routine. That’s right, but by storing all these in the bathroom, you not only create a little mess, but you are also damaging your make-up products, which are said to be stored at a normal room temperature and the one in the bathroom is pretty inconstant.

Your medicine

The reason here is similar. The moist air, the hotness in the bathroom when you are taking a shower or a bath and the much cooler temperature, when you are not in there, may spoil all those medicine. So though it is called a medicine cabinet, avoid keeping your pills in it. Thus you will have more space and cleaner bathroom as well.