A genius cleaning tip or a simple story about the power of a lemon


This one is magical and we absolutely adore. It saves our flies when we are suffering the flu in the winter, it makes our Mojito more tasty and it brings a little sourness in our sweet life. But the truth is that it is a lot more than that. You have most probably heard about the power of the white vinegar – the one and only cleaning product that can cope with almost every situation. Well, if the smell of this kind of vinegar makes the cleaning with it so hard and so unpleasant, then you better know that with the lemon you may achieve almost the same perfect and amazing results. Yeah, it is a wonderful substitute, one we particularly love. And here are some of the million cases, when this cleaning product will make your life easier and you – much happier.  

Cleaning of the microwave is one of the most unpleasant duties at home. You love that appliance, because it is the mother of quick and easy cooking, but in the same time it accumulates grime and becomes greasy so quickly that it requires regular care. And if you try to polish it with a simple wet clout, you will be desperately crying in only a couple of minutes because of the lack of results. However, cut a lemon into two and squeeze it in a glass or bowl with water. Then microwave it for a couple of minutes and leave it in the appliance for some more. At the end remove the glass or the bowl and go through the entire surface with a rag only. The results would be impressive and the fact that this method requires no scrubbing and not so many efforts will make it into your absolute favourite.