Saving money – why and how?


The money is the motor of our world. Good or bad the capitalism is alive and there’s no chance to die in the next year. So, yeah, money to a great extent defines who we are and how we live. And we study and strive for better education, we then work more than we are supposed to and we make great efforts so that we can have a job, busy, challenging and tense, but with a great salary as well. And we earn some money and too often we end up with so much in the bank account and absolutely no time to spend.  

money-515058_640We only live once. And that is what every person who is keen on spending and having a luxurious lifestyle, will try to convince you. We only live once and that is why we have to make our lives worth it. And by spending our whole salary, we will go on some events and we will have some clothes from the last collection of a famous designer, but we won’t be able to buy a house for our family or to make our idea happen that would change the world and help all the people. Saving money is certainty and potential and if we don’t do it now, we will regret it later.


However, the whole saving thing is not that easy. We have bills to pay and a rent and we have many other expenses. There are some simple methods like putting your change in the jar and never using this money. Another option is to set aside certain amount of your salary every month and put it in another account. And thus in a nice and sunny day you will take the money out of the jar and out of the bank account and you will get yourself a car, or you will book a trip to India or you will buy a villa in Greece. And then you will be grateful.