Money, money, money: the myths and the truths

Money, money, money

It’s not an ABBA song, it’s the real life, set in motion by money, it’s not a reach man’s world, it’s the reality where money tends to be too important for those, who believe to be unmaterialistic. It’s all about the money indeed – the education, the job you have, your salary. What is enough and aren’t we greedy? The more you have, the more you want, never being satisfied with what fits your needs. The poor want to be rich, the rich want to be even richer and this whole striving is somehow so scary that it makes people callous, forgetting about what really matters. The love, the trust, the friendships, the commitments are all dying, being forgotten and forsaken. We are people but we have lost everything human and almost no one asks the question: for what price did we sell our souls? It’s sad, isn’t it? That for so many the money is so important. There are, however, still conscious people who are aware of the simple cliché fact that money doesn’t buy happiness, because the money is simply a mean and nothing more. And these same people try earning only as much as they will be able to afford the lifestyle that makes them joyful. And these same people know some truths about money; you better take look at, because you will be amazed.

Live for less

The truth is that most of the people living in a modern country, working full-timely a challenging, but well-paid job, can indeed live for less than they earn and I personally believe that this is the better option. And no, I don’t think that you should not go to a trip or to a summer vacation, or you don’t have to go for a dinner in that new restaurant everybody is talking about. No, none of these is what I mean. I simply believe that you don’t need that much to feel happy and to have some kind of lifestyle that gives you pleasures and pure bliss and what you should not do is spending money for the whole idea of spending – buying a new phone, not because you need one, but because you want a new gadget. This is a complete squander and thus you become a slave of the money and the capitalism as a whole.

Give a new meaning to what makes you happy

Your promotion makes you happy, but why? Because you have proved yourself and been working nicely for so long or because you earn more money now. Overthink. What makes you happy should not be the excerpt from your bank account, but the smiles on the faces of the people you love, their joyful eyes, the shared moments together and the gestures that leave you out of breath.

People is what you will need

In this life you will need coffee shops and plane tickets, and travels, you will need books and knowledge, European movies and walks in the park, but you will mostly need a person, another human-being to share all these with.