Travel places in your mind

Travel places in your mind

You have to be brave, because it will be your turn one day, your turn to leave, to depart, to say good-bye to everything known, to get out of the comfort zone, to make deeper connections, to let them go, the lovers, the friends, the old ones, to replace emotions, sensations, to walk away no […]

Money, money, money: the myths and the truths

Money, money, money

It’s not an ABBA song, it’s the real life, set in motion by money, it’s not a reach man’s world, it’s the reality where money tends to be too important for those, who believe to be unmaterialistic. It’s all about the money indeed – the education, the job you have, your salary. What is enough […]

Saving money – why and how?


The money is the motor of our world. Good or bad the capitalism is alive and there’s no chance to die in the next year. So, yeah, money to a great extent defines who we are and how we live. And we study and strive for better education, we then work more than we are […]

Find What You Need at Audi Salvage Yards


The German car, Audi, was named after its founder, August Horch. Horch’s last name means “listen” in German. When you translate “listen” to Latin, the word becomes “Audi.” The Audi’s logo, which is comprised of four rings, represents the four individual car manufacturers that joined forces to create the Audi. Their motto is “Progress through […]