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The Cleaning that Transforms Every House in Hours

is the cleaning we all are dreaming of. You know what (almost) everyone hates? The cleaning. That cleaning which takes ours and makes you feel tired, that deep and inclusive clean-up which requires professional skills, much more patience than you have and an incredible amount of time, that cleaning that has to prepare your house for another season or an end of tenancy cleaning inspection, that task which is your nightmare, my nightmare and everybody’s nightmare. That cleaning we do despise. But do we have a choice? Do we? Is there a way that this all-weekend activity could turn into an a few-hours one? And how, for God sake, is that possible?holiday-house-177419_640

The truth is that the only cleaning that is capable of transforming your house and improving its condition within hours is the professional one. And by professional I mean two things. You either should have the needed skills and experience so that you could efficiently clean this place or you should trust the real experts, all those who are the magicians of our century and just like the fairy in Cinderella makes coach from pumpkin, could make a castle from your messy and dirty house. It’s simple and it’s easy. However, there are a few things you need to know. Firstly, you have to look for a cleaning team that works in your region. Make a research online and when you have some notion, ask your neighbours for a team that deliver truly impressive service. Then arrange an appointment and discuss the details. The very best cleaning teams will spend some more time talking with you beforehand as they prefer to know what to expect. Be honest and tell them all about your house. Thus they would be able to make miracles.

What may ruin absolutely every cleaning?


It’s a nice wonderful weekend and instead of going to the park or to the mall, instead of spending some precious time with your family, watching a movie, playing board games, chilling, talking, you are simply cleaning. The truth is that you will put up with the fact that you are not relaxing that much, that you will work and not lay on the sofa with a nice book and a cup of coffee, and you won’t discuss everything in life with your beloved one over a bottle of wine. What you cannot put up with is indeed the fact that only a day later you will notice the whole unsuccessfulness of this cleaning and right in this moment you will hate yourself so much that you will bury your enthusiasm. However, there are some little things that surely can ruin every cleaning and if you avoid them, oh, how happy would you be then?

You are using the wrong cleaning tools or products

I won’t be surprised at all if you tell me that you are using your one all-purpose cleaning product for… almost everything. Well, do not misunderstand me, you should not overdo having a specific detergent for every single place and surface at home, but you have to find the right ones for the main cleaning problems at least – the grease, the hard water stains, the carpet and so on.

You are making too much dirt

Having a clean, perfectly organized and wonderfully looking home is to some extent all about maintaining. Making too much dirt is the main problem no cleaning can cope with.

You are procrastinating too much

Honestly, for how long have you been procrastinating before you started cleaning indeed? A week? A month? Oh, God, your house needs a clean-up, roll up your sleeves and clean!

Slow decorating and its magical outcomes 

Slow decorating and its magical outcomes

You have just moved into your new home. And you love it. It is the house you have always dreamed of having. It is a little piece of perfection in the chaotic and dangerous world we are living in, it is a shelter in the uncertainty and a place we like to go back to. And now you are so impatient to transform this wonderful place into a pure heaven. You have so many ideas. You want little things and details and you are so annoyed by those empty spaces you are facing every day. But the truth is that decorating a place could not happen overnight. Much more time is needed. But one thing is for sure, you better not be disappointed, because the slow decorating is the more effective one.

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Travel places in your mind

Travel places in your mind

You have to be brave, because it will be your turn one day, your turn to leave, to depart, to say good-bye to everything known, to get out of the comfort zone, to make deeper connections, to let them go, the lovers, the friends, the old ones, to replace emotions, sensations, to walk away no matter how scary it is, to fall in love, find freedom, tranquility and adventure, to be delighted and enthralled, inspired, because what is indeed home?

Travelling is flights and road-trips, check-ins and luggage, hotels, studios, apartments to let, learning, working, tourist-ing, but travelling is above all a state of mind.

The things you should pay attention to while you are looking for a house to rent

The things you should pay attention to while you are looking for a house to rent

At first you thought that it would be fun – walking through different neighborhoods, going in different buildings and visiting different homes, but in the reality it was kind of entertaining only during the first couple of house hunting tours, then it became annoying and unpleasant – the homes seem all similar, but none of them is the one and only, your place to be, your shelter. So, bored and a little bit desperate, believing that the house of your dreams exist in your imagination only and unfortunately cannot be found in the London’s housing market, with your patience exhausted, you are about to give up and to let the crowd carry you along. But if you have a strict plan, if you stick rigidly to it, I guarantee you that it would be way more enjoyable.

Money, money, money: the myths and the truths

Money, money, money

It’s not an ABBA song, it’s the real life, set in motion by money, it’s not a reach man’s world, it’s the reality where money tends to be too important for those, who believe to be unmaterialistic. It’s all about the money indeed – the education, the job you have, your salary. What is enough and aren’t we greedy? The more you have, the more you want, never being satisfied with what fits your needs. The poor want to be rich, the rich want to be even richer and this whole striving is somehow so scary that it makes people callous, forgetting about what really matters.

A genius cleaning tip or a simple story about the power of a lemon


This one is magical and we absolutely adore. It saves our flies when we are suffering the flu in the winter, it makes our Mojito more tasty and it brings a little sourness in our sweet life. But the truth is that it is a lot more than that. You have most probably heard about the power of the white vinegar – the one and only cleaning product that can cope with almost every situation. Well, if the smell of this kind of vinegar makes the cleaning with it so hard and so unpleasant, then you better know that with the lemon you may achieve almost the same perfect and amazing results. Yeah, it is a wonderful substitute, one we particularly love. And here are some of the million cases, when this cleaning product will make your life easier and you – much happier.