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Smart Cleanings | Smart ideas and tips for you cleaning, home and garden

The absolutely wrong use of paper towels


Something is dirty at home? Well, what is the first thing you almost always grab and start cleaning with? Honestly? The paper towels, right? They seem to be the best cleaning tool ever – they are inexpensive and not only can be found in every supermarket, but are also all over your house. However, their efficiency is doubtful and while they are the ultimate solution for many cleaning situations, they seem to be able to ruin surfaces and make a whole cleaning a total nightmare. So look at this list of things you should never ever clean with paper towels again, because I am pretty sure that you have done the mistake to use them all-purposely.

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How often should you clean?


This is a question we all ask ourselves, because, yes, we want to maintain our homes in a perfect condition and to keep them clear and shining, but we are not so keen on the idea of cleaning every day. With the busy schedules we have these days and our tense lifestyles, we too often don’t have enough free time and decide to spend it walking in the park, instead of cleaning in the bathroom. And then unsurprisingly we are totally unsatisfied by what we see when we come back home. Yes, the spring cleaning and the fall one is something we take care of, we even hired one of the professional London cleaners then, but it is obviously not enough. In fact, it’s all about the organization and the way we plan our cleaning. No one can answer you precisely how often you should be cleaning, because it depends on your time and skills and home and last but not least on your understanding of the concept “clean”. Once a month is, however, in my opinion, not enough, especially for some things that should be done on a daily basis. Here is a cleaning model that proved to fit my needs and requirements. Take a look.  

Saving money – why and how?


The money is the motor of our world. Good or bad the capitalism is alive and there’s no chance to die in the next year. So, yeah, money to a great extent defines who we are and how we live. And we study and strive for better education, we then work more than we are supposed to and we make great efforts so that we can have a job, busy, challenging and tense, but with a great salary as well. And we earn some money and too often we end up with so much in the bank account and absolutely no time to spend.  

End of tenancy cleaning: the black bathroom

Yeah, it looked nice when you came here the first time and rented this flat. And who, the hell, thinks of cleaning at this time? However, this stupid black room with black tiles and black sink is getting on your nerves ever since. You tried cleaning it calmly several times with some kind of almost satisfying result and you now have love-hate relationship. But soon you are moving out (in a flat with wonderful light bathroom, for sure) and you now have to cope with this black “devil”, hopefully not so catastrophically.

Clean the tiles

image of black bathroom tilesThis is the most annoying task that can exist in the entire world. You definitely need a really strong detergent, because some water spots admixed with shampoo or shower gel, or why not both, vanish really, really hard. So make sure that you have a nice useful cleaning product and patience for sure and start cleaning. You better spray the detergent and then wait for 10 to 15 minute, the result will be more pleasant. The good news is that by cleaning the bathroom you can use so much water that you need. So don’t spare it and wash the floor and tiled walls well.

End of tenancy cleaning: 3 quick solutions to hardwood floor cleaning

You were 100% sure that this wood floor is absolutely amazing when you first moved in this flat, but you soon realized that, unfortunately, it’s not only good-looking, but also too difficult to maintain. However, you have found a new home and now you should clean the hardwood floor for one last time as a part of the end of tenancy cleaning. So don’t panic and follow the three easy steps.

Get rid of the dust

Well, no matter what the surface of the floor in your house is, you will always have to take off the dust first. If you have a nice vacuum-cleaner, you will ignore the annoying noise and be ready in just a few minutes. If you don’t have one, don’t worry you could always use a wet clout to cope with the dirt and the dust, though we have to admit that this exercise will be a lot more tiring.